Become your own Bodyguard. With KRAV MAGA.

KRAV MAGA is a modern, highly efficient self-defence system. It was initially created for elite fighters of Israeli Special Forces, female as well as male soldiers and later for civilians and has been continuously developed. KRAV MAGA is an extensive system, to defend oneself and others in a threatening or violent situation. It is suitable for everyone and quick to learn.

Your training camp for uncompromising self-defence in Berlin.

Are you looking for KRAV MAGA in Berlin? KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT quickly improves the success of your training. Look forward to first class coaches professionally trained in authentic KRAV MAGA. Here you will learn from the only coach in Berlin who has reached Expert Level in KRAV MAGA GLOBAL.

Waiting for you is a realistic training, mental and physical challenge, drill, a sense of achievement, an expansion of your limits, self-assertion, confidence in your own capacities, and an explosive group dynamic. Everybody follows the same KRAV MAGA principle: "Don´t get hurt".

KRAV MAGA Training. Unique. Effective. Realistic.

  • Easy to learn
  • Based on natural reflexes
  • Suitable for everyone*
  • Proven under demanding conditions
  • Mental and physical training
  • Wide ranging defence


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* As KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT teaches very effective techniques, we reserve the right, to deny the training to conspicuous persons or anybody previously convicted for violence.