More KRAV MAGA is not possible. Worldwide.

What is KRAV MAGA? For all who are busy with self defence, it is not easy to see what KRAV MAGA is really all about. KRAV MAGA is Hebrew and means contact fight. This general term is not protected. Anybody can use it. By now, there are many KRAV MAGA systems.

KRAV MAGA GLOBAL is a worldwide established KRAV MAGA system that is promoted by Eyal Yanilov. He was the closest confidante of Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of KRAV MAGA. He was the only person to receive the highest graduation from Imi Lichtenfeld and was also awarded the "Founder's Diploma of Excellence" which only Darren Levine (USA) has received as well. Up to his death, he was his closest assistant

Eyal Yanilov, highest ranking KRAV MAGA Instructor worldwide
Eyal Yanilov, highest ranking KRAV MAGA Instructor worldwide

Learn from the best.

With Eyal Yanilov, KRAV MAGA GLOBAL has the highest ranking and experienced KRAV MAGA instructor in the world. He leads the KRAV MAGA GLOBAL Team as "Head Instructor" and develops the system continuously further. He is always searching for the presentation of new problems and the most effective solutions, tactics and techniques. 

As driving force Eyal Yanilov has trained innumerable civilians, military-, special- and police forces as well as body guards in Israel, Europe, South America, and the United States and has made this system known worldwide.   

The KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT is being constantly developed by Eyal Yanilov and the Global Team, also in the headquarters in Israel among others places. We also offer you seminars with Eyal Yanilov.