You want much. You get everything.

Violence is diverse. So is what you learn.

Attacks vary. That is why KRAV MAGA GLOBAL is an extremely comprehensive system. With us you will learn very effective KRAV MAGA techniques that cover various areas: 

  • Hard punches and kicks
  • Defence against different weapons
  • Defence against several aggressors
  • Secure protection of others
  • Locks
  • Grapples
  • Ground grappling
  • Additional techniques for women
  • Fight in car, metro, bus, water...
  • Light-Fight / Full-Contact 
  • Elaborate behavioural patterns
  • Tactical prevention measures

No matter who you are. There are no losses. Only gains.

Here is a small list on personal gain, that we have observed that people who train regularly experience. 

  • Overall fitness
  • Self confidence
  • Strength 
  • Speed
  • Peace
  • Definition of goals
  • Fight spirit
  • Appearance
  • Courage 
  • Control 
  • Satisfaction 
  • Weight loss
  • Fun 
  • Inner attitude