Reality doesn´t know any rules. Neither does KRAV MAGA.

KRAV MAGA GLOBAL, KMG for short, asserts itself worldwide, in the hard reality: in the military, in special units, public authorities, security forces and of course in personal self defence. The target is to defend oneself and others from violent attacks with the help of effective techniques and tactics. It doesn’t matter if female or male, young or old, strong or weak.

100% self defence. 100% uncompromising.

KMG is different from fight sports, fight arts or martial arts on a fundamental level. Even though it demands and develops intensive physical fitness it is not a sport. Quite the contrary. Those wo want to protect themselves and others in dangerous situations, can´t take sportive fair play into account. KMG doesn´t know any borders, rules or compromises. These techniques and tactics originally developed for the military are mercilessly adapted for civilians.

Easy to learn. Difficult to forget. 

KMG is easy to learn and highly effective. It´s based upon our natural reflexes and instincts. Through a sophisticated didactic, the techniques can be quickly grasped and effectively put into practice. In this way, possible confrontations are realistically simulated taking into consideration physical and psychological stress factors. Every student, be it female or male will learn to protect him or herself and others effectively under pressure. Aesthetics, complex acrobatics, old traditions, all that has no role in KMG. It’s exclusively about obtaining effective skills and coming out successfully in different fight, conflictive or threatening situations.

Strong fitness for strong mental strength.  

KMG trains quickness, resistance, strength, coordination and condition through specific and fully developed training methods. Through the training, mental strength, personal power and self-confidence are intensively schooled on a long term basis. This positive effect is also transferred for many to their private and professional lives. Each hour is an explosive mixture of genuine commitment, contagious enthusiasm, and intensive physical and mental challenge.