Your questions. Our answers. Your start.

Can I as a beginner, start at any time?

Yes. Definitely. We divide between beginners and advanced students in our training. 

Why is our system so effective?

Everything is allowed. Sportive fair play doesn’t count in dangerous attacks.   

Are all KRAV MAGA’s alike?

No. KRAV MAGA is not a protected term. Efficiency and style vary considerably. Every instructor in KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT has obtained his trainer education and received extra qualifications from KRAV MAGA GLOBAL and has further didactic experience. The initial training as well as the further development of our trainers is guided by international Krav Maga Specialists. This guarantees an authentic, intensive and extensive schooling for our trainers.


As the only school in Berlin we dispose of the “real” Expert Level from an official and leading Israeli KRAV MAGA Institution that is represented worldwide. This institution is constantly developing the system further. As a result we offer you high expertise, efficiency as well as updates on new techniques. You learn authentic and highly effective KRAV MAGA. 

How fit do I have to be for the training?

You only need to be healthy. Some of our beginners have never done any sport before. 

Will my physical efficiency also be trained?

Definitively yes.

How many calories do I burn in one session?

Between 500 - 1100 kcal.

Do women also train?

As a school we are very proud that many women also come to train with us. By the way, an author from Brigitte wrote after her own experience: “A quality certification is… Krav Maga Global”

What equipment do I need for the test training?

Sport trousers, t-shirt, trainers and if you have it a protective groin guard. 

Can I train with glasses?


I´m already over 50, can I train anyway?

Naturally. KRAV MAGA is thought for people of all ages. We are happy about a broad ranged audience. 

Does the trial session cost anything?


Can I come any day to the trial training?

Yes. But we recommend you the First Lesson.

Can I also just watch?

Of course. But taking part will give you a better idea. 

Who trains with us?

Lawyers, Handymen, Students, Office Workers, Doctors, Actors, Housewives, Soldiers, Job seekers, Hedonists, High School Graduates, Managers, Apprentices...

What is a training like?

A. Fighting-Games/Warm-up   B. Stretching   C. Technique training   

D. Power drills/Scenario-Training

Is Full Contact trained as well?

Only for people who want it and have enough experience.

Is it obligatory to take part in tests?

No. Everyone learns the same. Tests are not compulsory. Patches will win no fight.