Special Trainings. Focused. On One Aspect.

Training as usual. Just, with a focus.


In KRAV MAGA FIGHT CLUB we teach you further skills in the area of Light Fight and Full Contact. You need boxing gloves (14 oz.), Gum shield, shin protectors and groin guard. Fighting is recommendable for experienced members (over 6 month). 


Under intense strain, we concentrate exclusively on blow and kick techniques.


We meet in the training room, take our equipment with us and train outside. Wear old street clothes. In this training we will go as close as possible to reality. 


We train indoors with normal clothes. You will experience in what way this can restrict you in self-defence.


Techniques against especially difficult gun threats or knife or baseball bat attacks await you.

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We test you. Several times a year.

KRAV MAGA Global awards as worldwide leading organization in the area of KRAV MAGA various Patches for passed tests.


P1 – P5, Practitioner Levels

G1 – G5, Graduate Levels

E1 – E5, Expert Levels


Important: None of you have to do an exam. Everybody improves at the same speed and learns the same, with or without levels. We say: Levels will win no fight! There are very good female and male KRAV MAGA students, that haven´t done a test. But a Level-Test is an excellent possibility, to test our own level of performance. You learn extra through each test, as you will receive intensive feedback. 


To take part in the exam, you have to be a member of KRAV MAGA Global worldwide. The membership costs 19,00 in the first year. After filling out the application, you are a member, even though the money will not be extracted from your account until the 01.01. of the following year. Each following year only costs EUR 15,00. This registration doesn’t go though us. You will receive a card, in which we enter all your tests and seminars. As well as that, you can, as a worldwide member, train at all KMG locations for free for up to four weeks. During the test by global operating KMG Instructors KMG Shirts are naturally gladly seen. These you can get here. Please bring the filled in form to the training or to the test:

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Prerequisites for P1

  • Several months of intensive training  
  • Membership with KRAV MAGA Global worldwide 
  • Prior registration for the test with us per e-mail


Prerequisites for P2 and higher

  • The last test has been 5-6 months before.
  • Regular intensive training
  • Prior registration to the test (see below)


Feel free to talk to us, if you´re unsure as to whether you can compete.  

Test Registration

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