Military KRAV MAGA. Ensure survival.

The KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT has with Björn Wiebe a qualified military KRAV MAGA Instructor. The Institution in Berlin is connected to KRAV MAGA Global and guarantees in this way worldwide leading services in this field and high standards.


KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT offers seminars and regular trainings for soldiers as well as for special and specialized forces.


Close-quaters battle training with Björn Wiebe, German Naval Special Operations Forces


Military units and Special Forces are using the KRAV MAGA´s life saving close combat techniques more and more. The highly effective system is being continuously developed to meet military requirements and asserts itself evidently and worldwide. The learnt military close combat techniques can be decisive for the success of an operation. It originates from the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and is to this day an established part of their basic military training.


KRAV MAGA aims to prevent and contain life threatening conflict situations in missions and areas of conflict, and to save lives.  The success of the training is based upon perfected scenario trainings. The aim is to take the soldiers as close to the reality of the mission as possible and to assure the retrieval of the right technique. A deciding advantage of the Military KRAV MAGA scenario trainings is that the techniques are conveyed in such a way, that they can be applied in high stress situations (Combat Conditioning).

To improve their skills in close combat, the soldiers are trained in four areas:

  • Mental: expanding and developing the will to fight through different training concepts
  • Physical: improving physical performance in condition, strength and speed
  • Technical: learning effective and extensive close combat techniques for self defence and for the defence of others
  • Tactical: correct assessment of situations and situation applied tactical behaviour. Options for action are demonstrated and practised in the context of different levels of escalation taking into account the Rules of Engagements (RoE).

Through the system´s precise didactic every member of the unit will learn effective KRAV MAGA close combat techniques in a short period of time. All techniques have something in common: the procedures are simple and highly effective. Both components improve considerably the chances of survival in dangerous attacks. As well as this, all techniques are trained with and without weapons (jamming or endangering for others). They also include the requirements of soldiers with heavy equipment. 

The soldiers learnt among other things:

  • Extensive techniques against attacks with and without weapons 
  • Defence against punches and kicks
  • Recovering the weapon after it has been snatched away by the opponent
  • Specifications about surveillance
  • Using the weapon for self-defence without firing it in diverse attacks or defence scenarios
  • Coping with the high physiological and physical stress involved in contact fighting  
  • Defence against multiple attackers
  • Techniques in specific CQB-areas: buildings, vehicles, airplanes etc.
  • Defence in close combat in situations of malfunction or inability to use the weapon/s
  • Avoiding dangerous, time consuming and uncertain ground grappling, especially when heavy equipment is carried along
  • Fall- and takedown-techniques
  • Application of handcuffs, plastic cuffs, ropes and other resources
  • Multiple techniques against attackers that use the following weapons:
  • Stick
  • Hand grenade (also disarming in threatening scenarios)
  • Machete
  • Stabbing weapons and knives


KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT does not provide private individuals with KRAV MAGA Military techniques.

The trainings take place in a setting that assures the conveyance of the techniques exclusively to military forces as well as authorities and organizations with security missions. KRAV MAGA DEPARTMENT offers the participants regular updates on the newest developments in Military KRAV MAGA.

It is possible to agree, beforehand, on the main focus of the trainings. 

Contact person

Björn Wiebe

Skalitzer Str. 81

10997 Berlin

Telephone: 030 92 27 38 27

Telefax: 030 91 48 92 84

Mobile phone: 0176 23 97 95 09